Senso Art Gallery Cafe first opened its door in November 2017 and seeks to bring a total art-lifestyle experience, where art, people from all walks of life, food and all things inspirational harmonise.

Senso Art Gallery Cafe is but a humble, unpretentious cafe showcasing a myriad of carefully curated selected creative pieces and artwork where patrons could bring home. It is a cosy to-go place away from the hustle and bustle of city life where you can be comfortable and feel at home.

Not only do like-minded people gather to pursue passion of art together, Senso Art Gallery Cafe provides a platform for local, resident and foreign artists to showcase their work, as well as enrichment workshops to learn, appreciate and enjoy art.

The 6 Human Senses: 
“To see with the eyes of clarity; to hear with the sounds of interest; to touch with the feelings of curiosity; to taste and smell with the scents of delicacy and to feel with the hearts of love.” The integration of the six senses with creative art: sight, smell, sound, touch, taste and feel, is exploring new ways of representing arts through personal sensual feelings and emotions.

How’s art & sense improve our life:
As we believe art begins with the sensory exploration, it evokes the suburb of our experiences, emotions, and longings; it transcendence beyond personal preference. Being fully immersed and connected to the awe-inspiring arts, we believe that the most meaningful and memorable experiences take place when our senses are engaged. With sensory exploration helps in driving synergy between our senses and ideas to create art, it heightens awareness of new perspectives and values through interactions with artworks of various styles. It makes us wander to expand our scopes for more imaginative ideas, reconnecting us with a bigger picture. Thus, bringing a liberating perspective and insight to our life.


Catherine's interest in arts was piqued at a tender age – and it developed into a full-blown passion for everything to be creative. In her own little ways, she hopes to share that familial spirit that puts smiles on our faces and keeps us going with inspirations from daily living.

As a person who loves to engage in little talks with the people she meets and the customers she serves, Catherine has a knack to make everyone feels at home with her sunny disposition.

When she isn't bustling around attending to the customers, Catherine takes time to spruce up every nook and crannies, adding small touches to make the space cosier for her customers.


We provide the platform and space for artists and talents to showcase their art and creativity, and help promote awareness for the public to appreciate and support their work. We also hope to foster a community of like-minded souls not only for social engagement, but in a bid to help support the livelihood of artists and talents as well.

Just like the way we created our space for the total experience, we hand-crafted our food to titillate your taste buds in delightful ways. We also take concerted effort in sourcing out purveyors who can provide value and quality not only to satisfy just the taste buds, but appealing to our eyes.

We hope that through such workshops, the young generation can embrace the true spirit of art-lifestyle where they can impact the creative scenes in the future. Any one from all walks of life can unleash the full potential in creativity, whether as a novice or an amateur. 

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