Learn about and have the opportunity to bring home your own, unique pieces of Sunprint Art, also known as Cyanotype.

This printing process involves mixing two safe chemicals that producs a cyan colored print when exposed to sunlight. In Senso, we include dry flowers to produce beautiful floral patterns in midst of the cyan print. Participants can choose whether they would like to do their masterpiece on postcards, papers or cloths! 

The workshop is held on a daily basis and can be done at any time as long as the sun is shining bright. Walk-in customers are able to sign up and do the workshop on the spot, no pre-booking required. Participants need not bring any materials for this workshop as it is included in the workshop fee.

Here in Senso, we have two modes for our painting classes. Students can choose between the Workshop Mode which is a one-time only session with a duration of three hours OR the Monthly Mode with four sessions, each one and a half hours long. For each of these modes there are three materials to choose from Acrylic, Oil and Watercolour. 
'Nagomi' in Japanese Language means harmony. The mission of Pastel Nagomi Art is to achieve a society that is spiritually wealthy and peaceful. People nowadays are often too stressed aout their own lives, to the point where we ignore ourselves. Soemtimes we forget the importance of art in our life, and the happiness and enjoyment we feel while creating artworks just like our childhood times.

It's time to learn Pastel Nagomi Art if you are facing these problems! One characteristic of Pastel Nagomi Art is using your fingers to apply the colors without drawing pen, that takes you back to your childhood, let your hand 'dance' innocently with the colours.

Come and join our Pressed Flowers Workshop !

Participants will be able to make beautiful and unique designs on keychains, pendants, magnet, frame, etc by using pressed flowers! Our ready-made pressed flowers comes in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes for you to choose from.

The workshop is held on a daily basis. Walk-in customers are able to participate in the workshop on the spot, no pre-booking required.

Where art meets fire...

Pyrography, also known as wood-burning, is the art of creating intricating carvings on wood using a heated tool such as wood burning pencil or poker. Classes are categorised into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. For the beginners class, participants will be working on an A4 sized wood piece while participants of intermediate and advanced classes can choose to work with different wood bases (box, cutting board, etcs.)


Learn how to create and shape clay into cute mini objects in our Soft Clay Workshop!

Classes are seperated into beginner, intermediate and advanced. In the beginner class participants will get to bring home either a purple/red
mushroom house while the participants of intermediate and advanced class will be making a diy sandwich and strawberry cupcakes respectively.
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